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we're going to see the misfit gallery show and the press night!

Mark Croxford

Antonio Gianasi

Roberta Gotti

Cathy Lomax

Alex Michon

Paul Murphy

Yolanda Zappaterra

misfit picture

You can see work from DRESS UP at the Void Gallery which features Misfit artists Antonio Gianasi, Cathy Lomax and Alex Michon by following this link.

In Misfit, part of the Hidden Art of Hackney, seven artists explore their personal responses and attitudes towards conformity using painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and installation. Taking appearance as a starting point, this group show explores the way our bodies, clothes and accessories touch on every aspect of our identity: from childhood and adolescent memories to fantasy and projection.

25 & 26 November and
2 & 3 December 2000
10am - 6pm Saturdays
12am - 6pm Sundays

Unit 7
47-49 Tudor Road
London, E9 7SN
T: 020 8985 7755

call 020 8985 7755 or
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