MISFIT: Press Release

Do you fit in? Do your clothes fit? Do you keep fit?

We all try to interact with each other, to like and be liked, what we wear is a statement of who we are, it's a choice we make every day.

In Misfit, part of the Hidden Art of Hackney, seven artists explore their personal responses and attitudes towards conformity using painting, drawing, photography, sculpture and installation. Taking appearance as a starting point, this group show explores the way our bodies, clothes and accessories touch on every aspect of our identity: from childhood and adolescent memories to fantasy and projection.

Ultimately appearance is about many things; pretence, exploration, fetishism, obsession, individualism, voyeurism and...misfits.

Mark Croxford manipulates domestic objects while referring to city architecture and the texture and vitality of the urban landscape.

Antonio Gianasi makes everyday life extraordinary, exploring the ambivalence of ordinary behaviour.

Roberta Gotti inspired by images and experiences of mental illness and homelessness, has produced a set of photographs of homeless chic.

Cathy Lomax juggles reality and fantasy, examining concepts of Englishness by dressing herself as a princess from a forgotten time.

Alex Michon draws Beatniks, Ronettes, Tracey Emin and assorted mavericks because she loves the way they look.

Paul Murphy takes pictures of pictures of pictures where the meaning and the origins have been lost.

Yolanda Zappaterra relives childhood memories of imperfection.

For further information and visuals, call Cathy Lomax on 020 8985 7755 or email cathy@sitonthis.co.uk