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CATFUNT PHOTO LIBRARY: wallpaper magazine
We visited Paris in October 2000 and stayed in a charming but small and not so elegant hotel in the 16th, near to Place de Clichy. YZ had bought a copy of wallpaper magazine to read on the Eurostar as she bitched about the people on the train. Students, eh? Anyway there was something appealing about taking a picture of wallpaper with its slick and unbelievable interiors next to the stain on the carpet, alongside the TV sat on a fold-up chair. Tyler, it's just so you!

wallpaper picture

I've just been reminded of another Tyler story. Tyler storms out of office with proofs of that month's issue. Plonks them on the table as the staff cower at their 'puters and tapping his finger on the proofs says:
"What is this, fucking amateur hour?" This one's for you mate.


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